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Best Skateboard Helmets

Be it skateboarding or be it riding a bike, any such sport requires you to wear additional gears or accessories. Do you have it all? If not, is a helmet something that you lack? In extreme sports such as riding a skateboard or a bike, injuries are very likely to occur as you may slip or fall at any moment.

Yes, injuries do tell better stories than tattoos but an injury to your head can be very dangerous as it may lead to concussions or even worse, internal bleeding. Therefore it is safer to wear a helmet instead of being a badass in such cases. With that being said, this article will probably help you get a better insight on the best skateboarding helmets currently in the market.

3 Best Skateboard Helmets Review


JBM Skateboard Helmet

JBM Skateboard Helmet
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Any helmet should be resistant to impact and durable. That way it keeps your head safe from injuries. This helmet has a tough outer shell and therefore is very sturdy and prevent damage to you. Even though the outer layer is tough the inner lining is soft and acts as a shock absorber in case of a crash.

Once you have such a protective gear in your arsenal, would you not feel more secure in performing more high-end moves? So have no risk and do all the flips and tricks you wish to do without fearing to be spit open in the forehead. Another thing that happens when using normal helmets is that you sweat and with time your head starts to itch and gives off a bad odor.

But this helmet is designed with ventilation.  With such an aerodynamic structure and aerated foam, the helmet prevents you from sweating and keeps your head cool during rigorous exercises. So if you do go for long rides, do not worry about too much sweat accumulation.

The helmet also has adjustable straps and therefore can be tightened according to your preferences. This flexibility is also ensured. With excellent quality and being very lightweight, this is one of the best skateboarding helmets you ought to take a look at.


Pro-Tec Classic Skate Helmet

Pro-Tec Classic Certified Skate Helmet
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This too is another helmet worth checking out at the store. It has high density but is still light in weight and therefore even though it gets the job done you do not feel as if you have something weighing down on you. The outer shell is injection molded PE and the inner part has a 2 stage foam lining that protects you against small collisions and crashes. Given that it acts as a shock absorber it gives you further protection.

In many helmets you have sweat running down your face. Here, however, due to wicking liners and fabrics being present, sweat is prevented from dripping. Thus your vision is not clouded or hampered and you have moved about freely and do you work uninterrupted. Say sayonara to dabbing your forehead while wearing a helmet.

Compared to the previous helmet the vents here are very large. With 11 vents in total, the helmet ensures you stay dry and focused. With such great flow of air in and out, sweat accumulation within the helmet is very unlikely. Chances are you will not feel too hot, nor feel itchy.

All in all, this is both comfortable and versatile and so while you have this at your disposal, do not say no to any sports activity. Undoubtedly one of the best skateboarding helmets today.


Flybar Skateboard Helmet

Flybar Skateboard Helmet
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Flybar is famous for all the helmets that they make. All their helmets are certified by CPSC and ASTM. This just goes to show how reliable they are. Be it for cycling or skateboarding, this is one board that guarantees your safety. Available in 7 colors and designs, you have a wide range to choose from.

Cool prints are present and you even have a solid matte finish. There is 12 large vents present which means air can easily pass in and out and aerate you. Thus you not only keep cool but there is also no buildup of sweat and so no unwanted odor. You also do not feel itchy. All the helmets that you find from Flybar are available in different sizes, namely small, medium, large and extra-large.

This means that these products are for anyone and everyone to use and no one feels left out. In order to get the perfect size and fit, measure the circumference of your head and choose accordingly. The outer shell is pretty strong to provide you with enough protection and the inner lining has foam to act as a shock absorber and give you a cozy feeling.

Each helmet features an adjustable spin dial. This further ensures a perfect fit for you and the tighter the helmet, the safer you are. With all such amazing features, this is one of the best skateboarding helmets available out there.

What to Look for Best Skateboarding Helmets when Buying

When you are actually going to buy a helmet, there are many things you ought to look out for. Here are a few from the top of our minds


You will easily feel hot and sweaty if proper ventilation is not present. So when buying a helmet try going for one that has large vents to let air pass through.


Foams in the inner lining act as shock absorbers and therefore make sure you withstand impacts and do not suffer from brain damage in cases of crashes or collisions


Since this is a headgear you will definitely feel uncomfortable if you wear something heavy. So do not feel as if something is weighing down on you, make sure your gear is light in weight


The main purpose of your helmet is to protect your head. The only way it can do that is if it can withstand impacts. So check to see if the outer shell is actually tough or not.


There are many features that come to mind when looking for the best skateboarding helmets. Starting from the design to the adjustable straps there are many things you should look out for. With many products in the market which one do you choose? Hopefully, this article will help you make that decision and you can choose the best skateboarding helmets.

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